• Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Individual Entrepreneurs (sole proprietors)
  • Self-employed

In recent years, the growth trend in the number of Self-employed Realtors has strengthened in the market. Self-employment is the status of an entrepreneur, which allows you to do business without registering a legal entity.
We work with all forms of business registration
Advantages and limitations for the Self-employed
Преимущества и ограничения для Самозанятого
  1. Simplified status registration.
  2. Convenient accounting and payment of taxes in the "Moi Nalog" application.
  3. Reduced tax rates:
  4. 4% on income from individuals.
  5. 6% on income from legal entities.
1. The income of the Self-employed cannot exceed 2,400,000 rubles/year.
If the limit is exceeded, it is necessary to register an individual entrepreneur.
2. There is no possibility of hiring employees.
3. There are restrictions on the types of activities.

A realtor is a legally approved niche for the Self–employed.
It's easy to start working with us
it is generated in the «Moi Nalog» application: Other → References → Statement certificate
Certificate of tax registration (de-registration)
Screenshot of the profile
Important! TrendAgent does not work with individuals with the status of Self-employed who purchase an apartment for themselves in order to receive a commission.
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