Property advertising regulations
June 2023
до 28 февраля
Advertising is allowed only if the Developers' requirements for advertising and the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation on advertising are met.
In particular, Developers might prohibit:
- contextual and media advertising on search requests which include developer's brand name or housing complexes names;
- including words or phrases which include developer's brand name or housing complexes names while promoting your site (regardless the way it was obtained by you) in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Yandex;
- placing any information and advertising of the housing complex before the start of presale.
- publishing advertising in social networks.
Detailed information is contained in Advertising Regulations.
Violations of Advertising Regulations might lead to negative consequences in the form of fines or other sanctions including possible termination of the contractual relationship and publishing information about the fact of violating the Advertising Regulations on demand of interested parties. Advertising is only permitted if all terms of Advertising Regulations and the Advertising Law are met.
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