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$4 bln
the total sales amount of apartments in 2022
6 cities in Russia and 1 in the UAE
7 cities
the share of sales among all agencies in the cities of presence
deals in 2022
20 000
Leaders in working with developers
The first place in sales among developers of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Krasnodar Krai
Technologies with a personal attitude
You will be interested to know about us
Our product
The most popular platform for Real estate Agencies
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar Krai, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Dubai
The most popular platform for Real estate Agencies
Unique tools of the platform for working with clients:
– Content detailing: quick search and 33 filters for the selection of apartments
– Clients module: we conduct all transactions from fixing to signing in online mode
- Chats module: high speed communication. User experience in global messengers.
– Parking module: the ability to choose a parking space with the same ease as an apartment
– Commerce module: under development - launch 2023
– Promotion module: all the developer's promotions and discounts are displayed in each apartment
– Video module: showrooms, webinars, video tours of objects
– Interactive presentations and comparisons of apartments
– Statistics: the section of sales, the number of views and sent presentations by LCD or developers
– API integration with developers: the processing speed of applications is less than 1 minute.

TrendAgent partner developers also get access to all the unique tools of the platform: up-to-date content, convenient search and selection of apartments.

Resident of Skolkovo

Analytics and summary data on the market
We have been storing and analyzing sales data for 5 years and in real time we keep statistics on the number of fixations, bookings and the dynamics of price changes. Thanks to our analytics, you can always make a conclusion about which real estate is in particular demand now
Managed sales channel
A wide product line for the agent's work
By cooperating with us, you can be sure that your product will find its customer
Managed sales channel
7 regions. 5,500 real estate agencies. 70,000 agents
Every second transaction on the agency market takes place with us. More than 9,000 agents use our platform every day. Thus, TrendAgent forms a new sales market for Developers by aggregating Real Estate Agencies and expanding their product line.

Unique clients from different regions of Russia
Trend Agent partners attract more than 2000 deals every month, of which 30% are interregional. TrendAgent deals are an additional stable sales channel for the developer.

We pay a commission on the fact of transactions carried out.
The most convenient model of cooperation with us is the payment of the agency commission after the payment of the contract by the client. We invest in the development of sales and advance transactions to partner agents from our own funds, without waiting for the payment of the act from the Developer. Thus, we increase the attractiveness of your objects
A wide product line for the agent's work
The key value of our platform is an up—to-date, widest map of objects to cover the needs of any client. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that your product will find its customer.

210,000 apartments in the "available" status as of the current date are presented on the TrendAgent platform in 7 regions of presence.

The number of partners already today:
– 400 developers
– 40 banks
– 20 insurance companies
– 5,500 real estate agencies
Saving your time
We take the interaction with real estate agencies on ourselves
Saving your time
We guarantee the high quality of the transaction
Our employees, real estate market professionals, are thoroughly familiar with the regulations of construction companies and strictly comply with them. We advise agents, answer all questions, and, if necessary, accompany the client on the transaction. And we provide the Developer with a ready-made request: fixing, booking, recording for a show or a contract.

We increase the competence of real estate agents
The structure of TrendAgent includes a federal Training Center, within which our partners can take a beginner agent course, improve their qualifications, and also maintain the level of product knowledge through daily webinars on projects of Developers, banks and insurance companies.

Our principles are fair competition and work culture
We cooperate only with trusted companies. We inform our partners about compliance with the rules of work in the real estate market and monitor compliance with Advertising Regulations and uniform pricing policy ourselves
5 key blocks
Attracting unique customers from Aggregator No. 1
Trend Agent Events
Promotion of your projects
Marketing research, market analysis
Full cycle of operational work with agents/clients
Attracting unique customers from Aggregator No. 1
Sales of the Developer's property by the agency network of 7 regions of TrendAgent's presence — 5,500 Real Estate Agencies in Russia and the UAE
Sales of the Developer's property by TrendAgent's key partners — The Trend of New Buildings and the Trend of the Secondary — 9 offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow (500+ agents)

We occupy the 1st place among agency sales in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Krasnodar Krai. The monthly volume of transactions is 2000+ with a share of sales among all agencies in the cities of presence of more than 50%
Promotion of your projects
Placement of the Developer's objects on the platform - audience of 70,000 agents
Priority issuance of a new object on the platform's home page
Monthly shooting of the progress of the construction of the project and placement on the LCD page on the platform
Information support of objects in the telegram Trend Agent channel in the region
Informational support of objects by sending email to an active audience of users
Promotion of the object in Trend Agent Instagram
Conducting online webinars on a platform with modeling
Conducting offline training on the Developer's site/ in the offices of the Academy of Sciences
Conducting broker tours at the Developer's facilities
  • Monitoring compliance by the agency channel with the Regulations on Advertising of the Developer
Marketing research, market analysis
  • "Analysis of sales by competitors - monthly section of sales by Developers
  • Competitor sales analysis - monthly sales section for Residential Complexes in the region
  • Analytics on the cost per square meter in competitors' facilities
  • Analytics on the dynamics of price growth from the start of sales to the completion of construction on competitors' facilities
  • Analysis of promotions/ discounts/ special conditions for competitors and their effectiveness
  • Access for partner developers to the platform and up-to-date content on all Development Companies
Full cycle of operational work with agents/clients
  • Appointment of the contract team: Project Manager, Project Manager, Mortgage Manager, Support Department Manager
  • Full consultation of agents from the client's fixation to the conclusion of the contract
  • Full consultation of clients from the client's fixation to the conclusion of the contract
  • Selection and submission of applications to banks, approval and approval of mortgages
  • Support of the client at the signing
  • Guarantee of high quality of the transaction
  • Control of transaction payment by the client
Trend Agent Events
Exclusive projects
  • 7 cities
    St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk. Kazan and Dubai opened in 2023.
  • 43 exclusive and co-exclusive contracts
  • Different formats of cooperation
Package options
Multiple partners
Exclusive TrendAgent
Output on the start page
Monthly aeropanorama update
Adding video showrooms by objects
Adding video tours of the objects
Federal webinars
Events in Office Agent
Guided tours at the facility
Bus tours
Individual excursions for real estate agents
Training in offices
Focus planning of training in the offices of real estate agents
Posts in the Trend Agent telegram channel of key news
Posts in the TrendAgent telegram channel on a daily basis
Posts in TrendAgent regional telegram channels
Trend Agent social media posts
Posting video showrooms on social networks
Posting video tours on social networks
Contests and prizes for agents
Section of sales by locations of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
Cross-section by average market remuneration (on request)
Cross-section on the commission remuneration of competitors
Competitive price analysis
Summary table of current customers
Summary table of the current proposals of developers
Summary data on subsidized programs of developers
Advance payment of all transactions within one day
Advance payment of transactions with maternity capital and subsidies
Advance payment of transactions under the "Mortgage 0% First Payment Due" program
Awarding employees for the implementation of the sales plan
Organization of bus tours
Contests and prizes for agents
Closed contests for Trend.New buildings and key real estate agents
Individual calculation of the commission fee
Regional presence
Saint Petersburg
  • 50 000 users
  • 3 500 agencies
  • 128 developers
  • 67 000 flats available for booking
  • 25 000 users
  • 2 600 agencies
  • 126 developers
  • 55 000 flats available for booking
Krasnodar Krai
  • 9 000 users
  • 1 000 agencies
  • 57 developers
  • 55 000 flats available for booking
  • 1 000 users
  • 150 agencies
  • 24 developers
  • 13 000 flats available for booking
  • 2 400 users
  • 300 agencies
  • 63 developers
  • 16 000 flats available for booking
Launched in 2023
Launched in 2023
It's easy to start a collaboration
Step by step
Feedback from our partners
  • Trend Agent has been one of our key partners for more than three years.
    During the entire period of cooperation, Trend Agent has proved to be a stable and reliable partner.
    The company's employees are real professionals who make it convenient to interact between developers and real estate agencies.
    I am confident in the further development of our partnership and the joint achievement of new heights.
    Dmitry Lomakin
    Head of the Department for work with Real Estate Agencies
    INGRAD, Moscow
  • We have been working with the Trend Agent team for more than two years. During this time, the company has shown itself to be great real estate market professionals who always hold a leading position in sales of new buildings. We thank the TrendAgent team for a competent approach to their work, well-coordinated communication and the desire to always be the first!
    Yarovaya Lubov
    Head of Agency Sales Department
    Samolet Group of Companies, Moscow
  • TrendAgent has been a key partner of FSK Group of Companies since 2017. During this time, the TrendAgent team has proved themselves to be responsible, purposeful and reliable partners. We thank the Trend Agent platform for prompt interaction and high-quality communication between the developer and agents. The key role is played by a professional approach to solving complex tasks and a constant positive attitude.
    Churyukina Ekaterina
    Head of work with real estate agencies
    FSK Group of Companies, Moscow
  • We have been working with TrendAgent for several years and all this time the company has been leading in terms of revenue. In addition to the results, I would like to mention the Trend Agent team. This is a young, intelligent team of professionals, whose interaction is always constructive and well structured.
    Kirill Shavergin
    Head of Corporate and Agency Sales Department
    A101, Moscow
  • The numbers speak for themselves, TrendAgent is the number 1 in sales of objects of PLC Stroitelny Trest in terms of the number of transactions and quality. I recommend taking it as an example in terms of work, product promotion and achievement of goals.
    Evgeny Shchepetkin
    Head of Agency Sales and Investment Attraction
    Construction Trust, Saint Petersburg
  • TrendAgent is a professional resource for realtors involved in the primary real estate market. The system allows you to select and book objects, as well as send an application for mortgage approval to several banks at once, which greatly simplifies the agent's work.
    The development of the platform in other regions will expand the sphere of influence of the InterGroup company. With TrendAgent, it has become more convenient to train professionals, thanks to online meetings with developers and daily morning meetings.
    Denis Fomin
    Head of the company's Sales Department
    InterGroup, Saint Petersburg
  • Except of ideas, any business, finances and tools are people. What is the team like and the chances of success. In such an ultra-competitive environment as brokerage, only strong teams can achieve high results. For us, Trend Agent is result-motivated, operational, contractual, experts in this niche of business.
    Thanks to the management for setting a high bar in the work of the Moscow branch and personal involvement in joint cases. We wish you an increase in joint sales and strong competitors!
    Ushakov Fedor
    Sales Director
    AFI Development, Moscow
  • We have been working with Trend Agent for more than five years. Thank you for stable sales and reliable cooperation. Always competent and responsive employees who ensure high quality of transactions.
    Voronina Vladlena
    Head of the Department for dealing with dealers and corporate clients
    Rosstroyinvest Group of Companies, Saint Petersburg
  • I would like to thank the management and employees of TA for creating a convenient database of new buildings with a user-friendly interface, quick interaction on all issues, counting online chats, prompt and comfortable interaction with the company's specialists - everything is clear, positive and on time! Thanks!
    Igor Badikov
    Head of Agency direction
    AAG, Saint Petersburg
  • We have been working closely with TrendAgent for more than three years. During our collaboration, Trend Agent has become one of the leaders in the implementation of our projects.
    It is especially pleasant to see that TrendAgent is keeping up with the times and is a fairly advanced company, which is maximally manifested in various areas of cooperation.
    We are confident that our partnership with TrendAgent will also actively develop further, which we are undoubtedly happy about.
    Evgeny Semenov
    Head of the Department for work with partners
    Krasnaya Strela Group of Companies, Saint Petersburg
  • We have been cooperating with Trend Agent since 2018!
    Thank you for your quick feedback and satisfied customers!
    We continue to maintain a stable and high sales volume! :)
    Karina Apeha
    Specialist in working with agencies
    Baltic Pearl, St. Petersburg
For cooperation with developers, you can contact Trend Agent sales office
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+7 964 387 52 41
Barmaleeva str., 17

+7 950 020 10 72
Ligovsky Ave., 140

+7 952 265 66 49
Liteyny Ave., 26

+7 911 021 06 79
Mira Ave., 40

+7 911 711 24 55
Zubovsky boulevard, 17

+7 969 700 14 41
Maly Ivanovsky Lane, 6/2

+7 911 753 7769
Mira Ave., 40

+7 921 383 97 71
Deputatskaya str., 46, 4th entrance, 4th floor

+7 913 706 32 11
Nizhnebulvarnaya str., 6

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Severnaya str., 405

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